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Treatment To Reverse Neuropathy

February 4, 2010

Neuropathy Care Center

If you have been told that you have poor circulation; or if you have pain due to a chronic circulatory impairment, Anodyne Therapy may beneficial for you.

Anodyne® Therapy is an Infrared Therapy device that is applied in direct skin contact to any area of the body. Nearly 6,000 Anodyne Providers provide Anodyne® Therapy as part of their care plan for conditions that would benefit from increasing circulation and reducing pain. Exceptional clinical outcomes have been documented in 13 published peer reviewed studies involving nearly 5000 patients.

Our Anodyne® Therapy Providers will conduct a clinical assessment of your condition to determine the best treatment protocol and therapy that should accompany the Anodyne treatment. They will ask you about your goals for therapy and work with you to achieve those goals. They will design a care plan that will include physical therapy interventions to help you with strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, endurance, etc. based on your personal goals.

The Anodyne Therapy sessions will typically be 30-45 minutes and most of our  Providers use the 8-Pad Professional System

Most patients experience a soothing warmth during Anodyne treatments. However, some experience a tingling sensation or slight discomfort at first. This is a good sign that the blood flow is increasing to the area and should go away after a few treatments. However, if it is too uncomfortable, let your therapist know immediately so they can adjust your treatment protocol.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much your Anodyne machine has helped my husband over the last 2 years. Using the Anodyne machine every other day has made the difference in him being able to walk or just sitting in a chair and giving up. His physical therapist is the one that recommended the fine machine to him, and we are so glad that we bought one. We’re been so pleased with the machine and the service you have offered us.”
A. M (Kingsport, TN)“I have used Anodyne Therapy for over a year and a half. It has changed my life and my pain. Walking became painful, and a problem. At night the pain was dreadful, causing many sleepless and painful nights. After 2 weeks of treatment at the hospital, I noticed relief, and gradually, the night pain subsided. I call it the miracle of my life.”
B.F (Fairfield, IA)

“Due to the outstanding benefits of Anodyne Therapy, during my 8 weeks of treatment, I bought an Anodyne home unit. I could throw away my cane, but my wife wouldn’t let me. Thanks to Anodyne, I can now walk anyplace I want without pain and  drive in my car anyplace I want to go. I would recommend Anodyne to anyone who has pain in their legs and feet.”
J.C (Yorktown, VA)

“I have used the treatment in my home. The pain was so intense that I was sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night. After the first treatment I noticed improvement. At present, I am quite active for an 83 year old. I am still able to live alone in my own house, drive my car and live a fairly normal life. Your therapy is very important to me, and my quality of life is greatly improved.”
A.P (Huntsville, AL)

“I discovered Anodyne Therapy through a seminar that was advertised in the local newspaper. I can not stress the value of this system to my health. It was so difficult for me to talk without pain. After the first session, I could walk from the therapy center without my handicap. I continued the program to the end, and now I have my own home system. Pain is reduced tremendously, walking is made easier for daily chores because of the better blood circulation. Anodyne therapy has greatly improved the quality of life for me.”
M.M (Jupiter, FL)

“By happy accident, I discovered Anodyne Therapy a year ago – my doctors had never heard of it! My life has been profoundly affected by the constant pain requiring heavy duty pain killers, as well as the limitations on my activities. A year ago, I was able to try a 6 week program of Anodyne Therapy. To my amazement, there was a definite reduction of my pain level. As I progressed, I found much greater relief of my pain level, which has continued to this day. In summary, my life has improved significantly”
D.M-S (Tuscon, AZ)

“I am a 69 year old diabetic female who has suffered many years. My nights were nightmares, because my feet burned and tingled with pain. I was unable to sleep, and could not allow the sheets to touch my feet. I started my Anodyne Therapy in January 2005. I truly did not believe it would help me, but I reached the point of trying anything. After a month or so, I was able to sleep. Then I reached the point where the sheets could touch my feet without causing me so much pain. It is to me, almost a miracle.”
P. C (Bloomington, IL)

“I suffered extreme pain in both my feet and hands. The pain was unrelenting, as i tried to rub or walk the pain away. I called my endocrinologist who sent me to a physical therapy facility where I received Anodyne Therapy treatments. I found almost immediate and complete alleviation of the pain. I now use my home Anodyne Therapy treatments as a way to control the pain. Having a home unit is empowering because I know that I have a way to keep myself from this form of suffering.”
M. D ( Los Angeles, CA)

“I had 24 treatments administered by a doctor. I found much help during those treatments of 45 minutes each. She then applied for the home machine, and I was sent the machine. I use this machine every night for 45 minutes before I go to bed. I no longer have pain  at night. Previously, I was constantly awakened by the pain and sometimes I was kept up for 2-3 hours. I have also gone off other medications. I can sincerely recommend this machine for pain management, and I am very gratefully for it. This machine is a godsend”.
D. P (Minneapolis, MN)

“I was a winner of a home unit recently and wanted to let you know that it was great news! I was also glad to hear that one of your units would be given to another needy patient at my Physical Therapy Facility. The problem that I have started following chemotherapy treatments in 2005 (3 years ago). I have a ‘pins and needles’ sensation (mild pain) at the bottoms of my feet, which contributes to a problems with walking and with balance. I have found that with physical therapy exercises that are followed by treatment with your Anodyne system, I usually have a few days where I am able to walk with more stability and without holding railings on stairways. Thanks for your product and thanks to the person that picked my name out of the hat for winning the unit.”
P.C. (Lexington, MS)

“The Anodyne Therapy has improved the quality of my life beyond description.  I can’t thank your group enough.”

“After going through Anodyne Therapy, podiatrist says that the circulation in my legs is as good as he has seen it in years. I have regained more normal skin coloring in both my feet and legs. As a diabetic on insulin, Anodyne has been a godsend to me”.
J.P (Walterboro, SC)

“I have been using the Anodyne Therapy System for approximately four months. I have tried everything that was available to me to reduce the pain associated with this disease. This was the only thing that gave me relief. I actually purchased the system, and use it almost daily! I am so grateful that I was informed about the system.”
D. D (Dallas, TX)

“I am happy to report that my pain level has dropped to a barely audible noise.”
D.H (Ventura, CA)

“I have been taking treatments since March of 2005. I was in severe pain and burning at night. After several treatments for 3 months, my pain decreased by 80%, and I got some of my life back. I now use my home unit once every 4 days, and my pain is virtually gone, and I now get a good nights sleep. I am now back as a volunteer at a local senior center about 30 hours per week”.
J.B (Atlanta, GA)
L. F. (St. Louis MO)

“The only way I can describe my condition to someone who has never had it is to begin weeping…pitifully. Two doctors, had diagnosed that there was ‘nothing that could be done; you would have to live with it’. A very bleak future I thought. After my very first treatment I began experiencing relief. My sleepless nights have turned into six to eight hours of sleep, and most importantly, I started tapering off on the pain killers…and stopped taking them completely just recently. I’m thinking of storing away my four-wheel walker until I find a buyer!
P.D (Stamford, CT)

“I am very enthused with my Anodyne Therapy… It has greatly improved my life and sleep…”

“Within three months the pain in my feet began to diminish… today it is gone.”
D. O. (Weston, CT)“I use Anodyne Therapy 6-7 times a week and it has changed the pain in my feet more than tremendously! Prior to treatment, I cried everyday because the pain was so so bad. Burning – FIRE like pain, feeling like I was being sliced by a knife and more. Now there are actually times I have none of that at all. I thank God for Anodyne Therapy.”
K.W. (Hampstead, NH)

“I am a physician and I realize this is not a cure, but because of my pain relief, Anodyne has enabled me to go to the grocery store, out to eat and to my doctor’s appointment again. I feel very fortunate.”
J. M., MD (Kingsport, TN)

“I have to tell you my story about how the Anodyne Home System has helped me. I am a senior and I couldn’t stand the bedcovers on my feet. I would cry at night because it hurt so much. I was walking with a cane and couldn’t drive. I tried everything from pain medications to magnets, and still I couldn’t sleep through the night. I had to stop using some of the medications because of the side-effects. Using Anodyne has been a miracle to me. The pain is gone and I am sleeping through the night again. I am no longer using a cane to walk and I have started driving again! I feel like I have my life back. Last month, I even went on a cruise! I feel so blessed to have found Anodyne Therapy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has chronic pain that is affecting their quality of life.
R.B.(Seminole, FL)

“If it weren’t for your machine, I know I would be in a wheelchair. My pain has improved so much! I would love to get hold of our local TV station here because I want people to know about this and that there is help out there. Thank you so much.”
R.P. (Auburn, WA)

“I wanted to register with you the success I have had with the Anodyne program. It has been a safe, noninvasive therapy which has provided me with substantial relief and significantly improved the quality of my life. Prior to beginning Anodyne treatments, my feet experienced pain- burning, shooting and stabbing. I could not walk without pain and had to go down stairs one at a time. My balance was declining and my sleep was disturbed. After several months of treatments, I still experience tingling, some numbness and occasional pinpricks of pain, but by and large, the situation is greatly improved.” J.P. (Danbury, CT)

“I have been HIV positive since 1998 and I’ve been lecturing on HIV/AIDS awareness in various schools and colleges about my own personal experiences living with HIV…In 2003 I went full blown AIDS and I developed pain from an HIV/AIDS medication. My mother informed me about Anodyne therapy and I found a clinic off your website; it was Active Care Rehab in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I started to use the Anodyne unit with wonderful results. I currently now have a home unit and I use it everyday and I love it; it has drastically calmed down my pain in my legs and feet.”
F.S.W. (Milwaukee, WI)

 Referring Physician
“During my 27 years in practice, I have cared for thousands of patients suffering from painful circulatory problems caused by chronic conditions such as diabetes. When Anodyne Therapy is utilized as part of a comprehensive plan of care, I have seen significant improvements in my patients’ pain and their quality of life. Anodyne Therapy is the first treatment I have found that treats not just the symptoms, but also one of the underlying causes of the pain – poor microvascular blood flow. Anodyne Therapy has become a welcome adjunct to my therapeutic arsenal.”

Neil J. Goldberg, MD, Diabetologist – Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA

Outpatient Rehab
With over 35 years of experience in Private Practice, I began using Anodyne Therapy to help capture additional referrals from an entirely different physician group and patient population. I have seen dramatic results with not only diabetic patients, but those with balance disorders that go hand in hand with lower extremity pain. Anodyne has been an excellent physician and direct patient marketing tool for my practice.”
With Part B Fee caps and managed care limiting the amount of revenue we can bill per patient, we knew we had to increase patient referral volume in order to thrive. After seeing the business and clinical results in our own patients, we decided to make a purchase. In a profession where results matter, we couldn’t afford not to have the Anodyne Therapy System available for our patients.”
Shayne Ferguson, PT, MHS, PhD, GCS, CWS (Louisville, KY)

Home Care
“We tried Anodyne Therapy because we wanted to differentiate ourselves while improving outcomes. The results – Anodyne benefited many of our patients, especially those with ambulation problems due to painful, circulatory problems in the extremities. After seeing the clinical results in our own patients, we decided to purchase 76 Anodyne Systems throughout our agencies.”

Judy Bishop, CEO (Texas Home Health – Silsbee, TX)

U.S. Military
Anodyne Therapy is used by the U.S. Military including the
Navy SEALS, Walter Reed Army Hospital and numerous other military hospitals for treating painful injuries in order to ensure expedient return to duty.



Advancement in Knee Treatment

February 4, 2010

Advancement in Knee Treatment

Recently, a past teacher of mine sent me a letter about an orthopedic surgeon in Florida who started to use alternative therapies to prevent knee surgery.  His technique was called Mobilization/Manipulation and the theory consisted of manually moving the knee cap to its original and then using rehab to re-train the muscles to hold the knee cap in its new position.  His name is Dr. Patrick Barry and you can find his article at the following link ( I got excited when I received this letter because I thought I was the only one who did this type of treatment.  Dr. Barry and I seem to have the same understanding that when one has a knee injury, or their knees wear out (arthritis), then they change the way they walk causing various muscles surrounding the knee to become weaker.  According to Dr. Barry, this in-turn causes the knee cap to go out of place.  Although our understandings of the knee muscular weakness theories are similar, our techniques are slightly different.  What I do is look further outside the box by not just looking at the knee itself, but the body as a whole.  Many of the patients I see, especially those with knee problems, have flat feet or lower than normal arches. 

What I do is a standing postural and video gait analysis assessment to give me an idea of where the problem is.  Then I assess the musculature of the whole body via muscle testing and note the weakened muscles.  Those weakened muscles are then strengthened with certain techniques to help stabilize the knee cap and the knee itself.  Then I do rehab with the patient to help retrain the newly strengthened muscles to maintain their now normal function.  This is also followed with custom molded foot orthotics, if necessary, to correct ones gait and prevent future injury.  I have been doing this for years and with great results.  I do mobilize the knee cap myself but I am not sure if it is the same way Dr. Barry does.  What I can say is that I am excited to hear that an orthopedic surgeon himself is using alternative means to treat knee pain besides surgery.  Although it works for most of my patient’s, surgery is never ruled out as an option.  If you have any questions about how I treat knees and/or shoulders, elbows, ankle sprains, wrists, hips, and neck/back), then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Dr. James P. Nill, D.C.            

             If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at 260-459-2205 or via e-mail at Feel free to come by for a FREE tour, FREE demonstration, and/or a FREE consultation.  Thank you and have a healthy day!!

Natural Home Remedies

February 4, 2010

Natural Home Health Remedies

“Do It Yourself” Health Care…

Did you ever notice how Amish people seem to be very healthy and live to older ages than most people in our modern society?  The reason for this has to do with several factors; One is the fact that they don’t have to deal with the stress of modern society including everything we see on TV like violence, “bad” news, Jerry Springer, and other TV shows revealing low aspects of our society.  We take for granted the technology we have today, but yet the Amish seem to be living peaceful lives.  Also, they are not sitting behind a desk all day drinking coffee and working from 9-5; they are naturally getting their exercise by working in the fields, construction, or other trades that consist of physical activity.  How many times have you seen an Amish person sitting next to you at the Doctor’s office?  Well, not to many and it is because they also eat healthy diets consisting of food that they grow on their own which lack environmental toxins which are in the produce we see commercially.  Finally, there must be some kind of secret they have when it comes time to treating common ailments like the common cold, minor cuts/bruises, muscle aches and pains, and much more.  Well, I have discovered some of these “natural home health remedies” which some have been passed on to me from my great-grandma Princess Poorman who had these remedies passed down from her mother that lived like the Amish back in the Indian civilization days.  Here are some of those remedies:


Lavender oil applied directly to skin for itch and pain. (Also Tea Tree oil). 


 1- Put 3 teaspoons of eucalyptus leaves in a heatproof bowl.

 2- Pour 41/4 pint of boiling water onto herbs and soak a bit. 3- Place your head over the bowel and cover the bowl with a towel.  Inhale through nose for 10 minutes.

Cold Sores

Undiluted lemon juice dabbed onto a cold sore will sting but help heal.


Peppermint Ice cream after meals.


1- lightly crush 4oz of black mustard seed in a bowl big enough for your feet  2- Pour in hot water and soak feet for as long as it feels comfortable  3- Place a cold cloth on the front of your head and back of your neck while your feet are soaking.  

Kidney Infections

A glass of cranberry juice daily to prevent kidney and bladder infections.  


Apply seasoning salt to a bee sting to reduce pain and swelling.Garlic and onion with cucumber juice for ant bites. Cotton batting soaked in lemon juice for a wasp sting.


Take some castor oil and put it into a cloth baby diaper or a soft cloth which has been dampened with cool water.  Wrap the cloth around the injured area.  Place a plastic barrier over the cloth.  Elevate the extremity and let it sit for 1/2-1 hour and do 3x/day. 

(This can also be done for people who have arthritis).  These are just a few remedies which have been handed down to me or have been learned thru reading articles or books and by word of mouth from other sources over the years.  These remedies are not clinically proven and there is no guarantee they will work.  Any severe trauma, allergic reaction, symptoms or pain should be taken care of by a medical professional.  These remedies are also intended to help mask symptoms only and are not cures for any of the above mentioned diseases. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at 260-459-2205 or via e-mail at Feel free to come by for a FREE tour, FREE demonstration, and/or a FREE consultation.  Thank you and have a healthy day!!

Dr. Jayme Nill, D.C.

The Ultimate Immune Booster!!

February 4, 2010

The Ultimate Vitamin

Intramax – The last vitamin you’ll ever need

Through my years, I have had a continuous search in trying to find the best, most cost effective multivitamin on the market.  Finally, my search is over.  This vitamin has everything the body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In this article I am going to tell you why this is the best vitamin. 

First, I want to discuss the most effective ingredient that we need but is left out of our diet.  These are organic minerals.  Have you ever heard of people living in remote villages around the world to an average age of upper 90’s? Well, Dr. Wallach of the famous “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” took a trip out to Okinawa Japan to find out for himself.  He found that the females in the village would take their pot ash from burning wood and putting it in their garden and mixing it with their salt.  The ash contained over 70 varieties of organic trace minerals.  Thus, it was found that these trace minerals were the missing link to their long life.  These minerals can be found in Intramax®.  Our body also needs a combination of 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, essential fatty acids, 60+ trace minerals, glyconutrients, probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants.  I started to use Dr. Wallach’s product line called “Youngevity” which is great but it didn’t have everything I wanted in one serving.  Then I came across this amazing vitamin and it changed my life and the lives of many others.  Intramax® contains everything the body needs and much more.  They have also added raw fruits and vegetables along with herbs which when combined can help fight many diseases. 

 In my practice, I order a baseline of blood tests and then put my patients on Intramax® for a month.  After they are done with their supply, I order the same tests again and compare the results.  At this point most of the patient’s blood chemistry is normal, and if there is anything abnormal, I focus more on that system to help get my patients health to a maximum.  With this method I have been able to cure and find many diseases! In fact, I have done it myself and since then I have felt the best I have ever felt!  So why keep fighting health problems and taking countless medications when there is a better way?  Feel free to contact me so I can help you live a normal, healthy life again! The office number is 260-459-2205 or, if it is more convenient, you may e-mail me personally at  Stop by for a FREE tour, FREE demonstration, and/or a FREE consultation.  

 Thank you and have a healthy day!!

 Dr. James P. Nill, DC.            

             For more information of Intramax® please visit their website at

Intramax – The Ultimate Vitamin
  • 71+, 100% organic microcomplexed™ organic trace minerals (full spectrum)
  • proprietary organic “carbon-bond” intraCELL™ V Technology
  • 124 antioxidants (“free radical” scavengers / anti-aging)
  • 40 amino acids (“building blocks” of protein)
  • carbon (living), 100% organic (144,500 mg/l)
  • 7 essential fatty acids (EFA)-omega 3, 6 & 9
  • oxygen – 427 mg/l (dissolved & stabilized)
  • 14 digestive enzymes (pure plant derived)
  • 43 super green foods & phytonutrients
  • 54 herbs (adaptogenic & supportive)
  • 38 essential oils (organically bound)
  • 64 vitamins and nutrients (essential)
  • 19 macro minerals (100% organic)
  • 23 vegetables (antioxidant rich)
  • 65 electrolytes (100% organic)
  • aloe vera (organically bound)
  • 8 protein mineral nutrients
  • 30 fruits (antioxidant rich)
  • silver (organically bound)
  • 13 probiotics (non-dairy)
  • noni (organically bound)
  • 11 carotenoids (mixed)
  • 25 fibers (all natural)
  • ultra hypoallergenic
  • 11 optimum seeds
  • 110 bioflavonoids
  • fulvic acid (9.2%)
  • 100% drug free
  • NO additives
  • 100% natural
  • 100% vegetarian
  • intraMAX® does NOT contain: preservatives, colloids, fat, cholesterol, wheat, gluten, caffeine, corn, yeast, rice flour, peanuts, nuts, soy, dairy, fish or fish oil, animal products, artificial additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics (drugs), chemicals, starch, binders, coatings, excipients, or flow agents.

intraMAX® is a 100% organic liquid microcomplexed™ all-in-one multivitamin with 415+ essential nutrients in each bottle.  It contains 71 trace minerals along with other health promoting “super foods”, herbs, fruits, vegetables, probiotics, amino acids, and much more. “intraMAX® is the most scientifically advanced, clinically proven, health promoting organic nutritional supplement available

Lose Weight and Keep It Off!!

February 1, 2010

Lose Weight & Keep It Off!

I was watching TV the other day and counted about 10 different commercials saying that they have the “Best” weight loss cure.  Well, in all honesty it’s much simpler than that.  I have my own weight loss program and I want to share with you what I do and how it works so well.

The secret to losing weight is to not starve yourself but to eat in moderation with more meals in order to increase your metabolism.  Metabolism is defined as a set of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms that maintain life.  These chemical reactions break down molecules to be used to construct and maintain cells and to be transformed into energy.  If the demand for energy and cells are low, then metabolism slows down and the molecules are stored adipose tissue or “fatty tissue.” In order to decrease the amount of fat stored in the body, we must increase the demand for the use of the food we eat.  What I do is provide patients with a program that does just that. 

In order to do this we must keep in mind that we still need to make sure that we give our bodies the essential nutrients to keep our health in check.  The secret has to do with health shakes that you can get at my office.  These are different than most shakes because most shakes do not provide these essential nutrients.  My shakes consist of powered fruits and vegetables along with protein.  Take one scoop of greens, one scoop of reds, and a scoop of natural whey/soy protein.  Add water and you have it.  You can also add frozen fruit if you want to make a smoothie.  Here is the schedule for the program:

1-      Breakfast: one scoop of reds, one scoop of greens, and one scoop of whey/soy protein.

2-      Snack on fruit, yogurt, or nuts.

3-      Lunch: one scoop of reds, one scoop of greens, and one scoop of whey/soy protein.

4-      Snack on fruit, yogurt, or nuts

5-      Dinner:  Eat a full meal consisting of a salad (use a combination of red wine vinegar, Boumond seasoning and olive oil for a dressing), low fat cottage cheese/applesauce, steamed vegetables, brown rice, and a meat with the best to worst choice in the following order:





This is just an example of what to eat for dinner.  The main thing is to avoid breads/pastas or mainly carbohydrates in general (excluding fruits which should be eaten in small quantities at a time).  Avoid anything white!!  A good thing to do is to look into any diabetic cook book which can be found at the library.  Stir fry is also good!!  Maybe even weight watchers!!  The main goal is to eat more small meals during the day with the minimal amount of carbohydrates/sugars as possible since they are what is broken down and stored as/in fat.  Follow this diet plan along with ½ ounce of Intramax in the AM and PM on an empty stomach and before 7 pm!!  Also, follow this diet along with my exercise program (see below)!! 

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions!!  Also, I recommend joining American Health and Fitness or YMCA if you have not done so yet

This program will increase your metabolism along with changing your life.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at 260-459-2205 or via e-mail at  Feel free to come by for a FREE tour, FREE demonstration, and/or a FREE consultation.  Thank you and have a healthy day!!

Dr. James P. Nill DC.

Your Exercise Plan…

Day 1: Monday

1-      4 sets 5 reps dead lifts.

2-      1 set 5 reps inclined free weight bench press

3-      1 set 5 reps rows

4-      1 set 5 reps inclined free weight bench press

5-      1 set 5 reps rows

6-      1 set 5 reps inclined free weight bench press

7-      1 set 5 reps rows

8-      1 set 5 reps inclined free weight bench press

9-      1 set 5 reps rows

10-  1 set 5 reps seated pull downs

11-   1 Set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

12-  1 set 5 reps seated pull downs

13-  1 Set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

14-  1 set 5 reps seated pull downs

15-  1 Set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

16-  1 set 5 reps seated pull downs

17-  1 Set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

Day 2: Wednesday

1-      3 sets 10 reps dead lifts

2-      1 set 10 reps inclined free weight bench press

3-      1 set 10 reps rows

4-      1 set 10 reps inclined free weight bench press

5-      1 set 10 reps rows

6-      1 set 10 reps inclined free weight bench press

7-      1 set 10 reps rows

8-      1 set 10 reps seated pull downs

9-      1 set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

10-  1 set 10 reps seated pull downs

11-  1 set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

12-  1 set 10 reps seated pull downs

13-  1 set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

Day 3: Friday

1-      2 sets 15 reps dead lifts

2-      1 set 15 reps inclined free weight bench press

3-      1 set 15 reps rows

4-      1 set 15 reps inclined free weight bench press

5-      1 set 15 reps rows

6-      1 set 15 reps seated pull downs

7-      1 set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

8-      1 set 15 reps seated pull downs

9-      1 set 15 reps exercise ball sit-ups

Each secession lasts from 30-45 minutes.  There are certain resting patterns you can do between each set with Monday having 30 second, Tuesday 1 min, and Wednesday 1.5 minutes.  You can also add fifteen minutes of cardio after each training secession but it may be best to do it on your off days.  Cardio can have more wear and tear on your body so I am going to lists the following exercises from least evasive to most. 





Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday do Cardio and Walk or Rest on Sunday.